So, I do my monthly newsletter through TinyLetter because it’s cute and approachable and only does what I need it to do. But since it’s small and totally free I guess they decided it wasn’t worth the effort anymore to keep it running.


I need to switch my newsletter to somewhere else by sometime in February before they shut TinyLetter down.

I could move to a free MailChimp account, but I’ve looked it over and am always confused as heck when I try to figure out how to use it. (It does too much and I’m lost.)

Or, I could move to Substack. I’ve thought about moving to Substack before, but previously decided against it. But all the Cool Kids seem to be there, so that’s what I might do anyway, in the end. It would make it easier to monetize content, too. My newsletter is too boring and mundane to charge for it, but I could always broaden my horizons and try out some other types of content there.

If you have an opinion, feel free to drop me a line. I may try to change over before January’s newsletter, just to make sure I have the kinks worked out before they shut TinyLetter down.

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