So, I don’t love having a job. I love being able to live and eat and clothe myself and my family, but if money weren’t a thing, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing (most of the paid work, anyway).

That being said, I’m at least doing work that is vaguely interesting to me. The type of work suits my brain, and the subject matter—one I never used to give much thought to, really—has become something I care more about and am generally interested in.

And, while doing my work, I’ve learned a lot about the subject matter (privacy), more than the average human knows. I also know generally about what makes up a good policy, what makes up a poorly written one, and what one for a company with bad policies probably looks like.

I like knowing stuff. I mean, I really like knowing stuff. And it’s interesting (and scary and fun and everything) that this section of my knowledge is becoming more useful in the world and in my own life.

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