So one fun thing that some people do between Thanksgiving and Christmas is The Little Drummer Boy Challenge. Starting on the day after Thanksgiving, if you hear the song “The Little Drummer Boy,” you’re out. If you don’t hear it and Christmas arrives, you win!

(But if someone intentionally tricks you into hearing it, you’re not out.)

It can be fun to play this, but I find it gets in the way of enjoying the Christmas season. If you’re really making an effort to avoid the song, you can’t listen to Christmas radio stations or playlists, you have to avoid stores, that kind of thing. So I “play” in that I make note of whether I have won or lost (I always seem to lose, but it often takes until later in December), but I don’t change my behavior, because I love Christmas and holiday music, and love to be around the festive atmosphere of the season.

And, this year, my whole family of four was out on Black Friday morning at about 9:30am, because an instrumental version came on while we were at a grocery store.

Ah well, now I don’t have to even pretend to avoid the song! I can just enjoy it when it plays.

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