I’ve learned to drink coffee, and still like a good mug of tea as well. I’ve often used fairly large mugs for this purpose, but a couple of years ago, we happened upon giant mugs (32 ounces, no joke) that were gift “basket” things at the grocery store. They were made by Reese’s/Hershey’s, and included a tiny bit of candy, a stuffed animal, and the MUG.

Rory and I each got one, and these mugs have become our staple mugs for our daily hot beverage. I’ve gotten used to having close to four cups of hot beverage each morning, and all my other mugs seem tiny by comparison.

But sometimes we don’t do a lot of cooking or make a lot of dishes and thus don’t run our dishwasher every single day. Which means the mugs are dirty.

In those cases, we can either hand wash the mugs, or use smaller mugs. <insert sad trombone here> We both are hoping for a second one of these mugs to bridge the dishwasher gap.

We keep looking at the store for more, and online, and haven’t really found anything yet. Still on the hunt. We may have to resort to eBay.

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