We recently decorated for Christmas again, leaving Kid #2’s ornaments for him to hang when he’s home from college.

As usual, I don’t put up all or even most of my own ornaments, because collectively as a family we have so many. And our tree isn’t that big. Also, many of mine are really fragile, and we have a cat who is a load of trouble. Plus I want the kids to be able to have plenty of room for any or all of their own.

But I do look forward to some point in the future when I can put all of my ornaments on a tree or two and not worry about them. Maybe a main tree and a second, smaller, silver or white mid-century type. I also hope to have more house decorations, and house lights. For some reason there seems to be less point in thoroughly decorating a rental (though my mom always decorated our rentals and made the whole season feel festive—thanks, Mom!), but once we own our own home again, it’ll feel more like ours.

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