Chromolithograph, “Christmas Tree”. DL*60.2464. Peters Prints Collection.

I never understand why people get so upset about other people enjoying the holiday season early. Like, before Thanksgiving early. So what? Why is it any of your business, or why does it bother you, that someone puts up their Christmas tree a few weeks before you do? How can that affect you? Why do you rain on our parade?

And those who are otherwise reasonable people do this. Sure, if you prefer to only experience one holiday at a time, not letting one set foot in your house until another is over, that’s fine. You’re free to experience holidays the way you want to.

But for those of us who glean great joy out of winter holidays, you’re stomping out some of our joy. And there’s very little joy in the world these days, so that’s just mean. Go be self-righteous somewhere else. I have no patience for you.

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