This is the Patent Office, but you get the idea.

Deep work, especially creative work, requires uninterruption.

Rory and I both work at home. For years, we’ve had desks set up and computers and such. But one thing we’ve never really had is home offices. For various reasons (mostly HIPPA for him and needing quiet for me), we really need our own offices, with doors that can close. We’ve never had that. Right now, our “office” is the living room. Quite the open plan format.

But Rory also uses our bedroom for work when he is talking to clients, which means I can’t come in while he’s working.

Me, I just muddle through as best I can, trying to tune out the world from the middle of the living room, not being able to focus deeply, which means I rarely get deep work done (Deep Work was mostly a great read, but it made me a bit sad… Apparently being able to do significant amounts of deep work would mean deprioritizing some of my other priorities.). I’m reminded that I’m completely capable of this work whenever I get the rare few hours alone at home (maybe twice a year?).

When we next move, sure, we could look for a place that has enough rooms that we can have home offices. But we can’t afford those. We’d need a five bedroom place, if the kids are still living with us. That’s hard to find in the first place, let alone be able to afford it.

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