Thanksgiving is a time when people gather together, pretty consistently, with family members. Usually multiple generations at one event, from kids up to grandparents and sometimes even older. (Sure, sometimes it’s just a small family grouping, or a Friendsgiving, or you’ve just invited neighbors over. But this post is aimed at those who gather with extended family.)

This is the perfect time to ask questions. Where did that family recipe come from? Whose serving dish is this and what’s the story behind it? Why don’t we ever eat yams?

But, also: What’s the story of our family’s settlement in the state? What did so-and-so do for a living? How much education did our ancestors receive? What kinds of things has our family been good at, historically? Did anyone fight in a war? How did the family handle things on the home front?

Take the opportunity to ask questions of your family now, while you still can. Record the answers.

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