A family home built by one of my ancestors. I hope to visit one day! If it still exists.

NOTE: My post is relating to families who actually get along and enjoy each other’s company, not ones that perpetuate a lot of generational trauma or other issues.

In American society, we generally want or at least assume that our kids will move out when they are grown. That might be when they graduate from high school, or more officially be when they graduate from college and get their first post-college job.

But in a lot of other countries, and even in some cultures within the U.S., it’s pretty common for multiple generations to live together long after the youngest generation is grown. Either kids move back in after college, or grandparents come to live, or different family members just consciously decide to live together. Or sometimes they just live next door to each other or across the street.

There is something we miss by splitting off like we do in this country. We miss out on being able to mutually support each other when we have specific needs. Or even just weekly dinners or what not. Our family is our first community, and if we get a good one, it can also be a lifelong one.

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