We have three cats and each one has a distinct personality. Ezra is a smart troublemaker who is easily bored and has no body fat and gets cold really easily. Lavinius is a ball of anxiety who lashes out when he doesn’t feel secure (but is very cuddly when he does). Agnes is the sweetest cat I’ve ever known but is just kind of a lump. She doesn’t do much other than cuddle and want to be with people, and take her medicine because she’s got medical issues.

Every cat I’ve ever had has had a different personality. Including one or two boring ones who didn’t really do much. And it’s a bit of a crap shoot. You never know what you’re going to get. You just have to commit, regardless. You’ve taken on the care and feeding of these cats and they’re counting on you.

If you really need to know what kind of a cat one is before adopting, I recommend doing some fostering. So many “foster fails” end up being adopted by their foster families. We did that once. Isabella was lovely. Just couldn’t let her go.

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