The October-December time of year is my absolute favorite. It holds so many happy memories (thanks, Mom!) of festive celebrations, loads of family gatherings, happy music, and delicious food. Certain recipes are made only during this time of year, like my mom’s stuffing, holiday cookies, gingerbread, and turkey and gravy. Which means, for me to feel like I’m properly celebrating, I need to eat all these things.

Which is not at all compatible with the eating habits I’ve worked hard to form this year. And it’ll make it harder to build on the small weight loss amounts I’ve successfully achieved when it only takes a few days of heavy eating to undo that weight loss.

I once read that the average American gains something like eight pounds over the holidays (if memory serves). And that if you don’t gain or lose anything during that period, you should look at that as a win. An accomplishment. But I’d really like to keep going in the direction I’ve been going. I think I’ll try to pack most of my festive eating into a handful of days. Maybe that’ll help. Regardless, I’ll keep up my increased exercise regimen.

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