Ah, my favorite time of year. We’ve finally reached it.

Where it’s warm enough during the day to warm up the house, and cool enough at night to cool down the house. If you make good use of windows and blinds, you can go a couple of months without running either the heat or the A/C!

Not only does that save money, but it’s also the months in which I’m the most comfortable. Fresh air that’s a comfortable temperature? Sign me up.

I’m comfortable at a pretty narrow range of temperatures. I’ve learned that this can be an autistic trait, but it explains a lot. This trait that I have, combined with hot flashes, makes me be the one (kind of by default, sorry fam) to adjust the thermostat and make decisions on windows.

It works better in the spring than the fall here in northern Arizona, since it cools off faster in the fall than it warms up in the spring. But it’s so nice to just be able to coast and enjoy the fresh air. When the allergens are low enough and they aren’t doing prescribed burns.

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