Though I have my fair share of life struggles, there are a few things I’ve never had to worry about. Smelly feet, lack of hand-eye coordination, or brittle or thin nails. (I’m sure there are more, but literally those are the only ones I can think of right now.)

My fingernails have always been just dandy. Strong, solid, sufficiently thick. I suppose they’re making up for all the trouble I’ve had with my hair.

In any case, because I am able to make decisions about my nails—rather than them making decisions for me—I can choose the length of my fingernails.

I don’t like excessively short nails. My fingertips are sensitive. Plus, I require my nails to serve as tools for things like scratching, opening things, and, in a pinch, as a screwdriver. So some length is important. But too short a length isn’t long enough for tool use. Longer (but not too long) nails are better for that.

But longer nails make it harder to type. My fingernails gouge grooves in my keyboard keys. So, shorter nails are better for typing. So, what do I do?

When they get too long to be able to type very well, I cut them “short” (a few millimeters, probably), and then enjoy the ability to type while I wait for them to grow out to tool length.

Rinse and repeat.

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