I really need more rest time, more lounging time, more time spent not feeling like I should be doing something.

In addition to needing to pare down my things, I’ve recently remembered (because I keep forgetting, it seems) that I really need to pare down my obligations. Things I have to do, things I’ve committed to do.

I’ve filled much of my spare time (other than time spent with family, which is never a waste or misappropriation of my energy) with things I enjoy, sure, but not the things I enjoy the most. So all of that crowds out other options of how to spend my time. It prevents me from having much time to do whatever I feel like doing in the moment.

This year of blog posts is no different. It’s something I sort of want to do, but I also really want to be sewing more, writing more books, etc. I hope to not quit this series, but I’ll sure be glad when it’s over.

Anyway, in short, I want to decrease the number of times I say yes to things, decrease the groups I join, decrease the amount of times I do things because I feel I should even though I really don’t need to. And then fill that space with the hobbies I want to dive into more, like sewing, genealogy, baking, reading, writing books, etc. Fill it with unscheduled time, flexible time.

I just take on too much and feel like I spend my days doing things I have to do, even though they were optional when I decided to do them.

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