Handsome photo of my great grandfather. He died before I was born. But his wife lived for 34 more years!

Yeah, can you tell that family history research and organization has been on my mind lately? I’m still working to organize the material I already have digitally, so that I have a system set up into which I can integrate new things I scan or transcribe.

Unfortunately Tropy only handles image files and PDFs, so the many things I’ve already transcribed and will transcribe in the future will have to be included in PDF form. But that’ll have to do.

Anyway. Separate from this daily blog post journey, I hope to start actually digging deep and writing about my genealogy. I have so many interesting relatives and histories that might be of interest to more than just me. Some of them have left behind some fascinating letters or other writings, and I’ve gotten to know quite well family members that I never met. Almost all of my ancestors, at least several generations back, were well-educated, and thus wrote letters and sometimes had jobs that were in the public eye, such as teachers, ministers, and business people (thus leaving behind records or they were mentioned in the newspaper or what not). There were even a few doctors (including my dad but also a woman in the 1800s!).

I’d love for one of my future work efforts to be focusing on publishing these interesting stories, and one good way to do that is to start with some blog posts. That might help me narrow down what areas really have enough meaty content to publish books on, and which ones may be of interest to more than just my family. I just have no idea if they’d be of enough interest to the general public to actually purchase. I suppose it depends on how well I package it all up.

I might start these posts before my Year of Being 50 is up, so there may be some non-Year of Being 50 posts scattered throughout on my blog soon. We’ll see what I get to. Hopefully you all won’t be sick of seeing photos of my ancestors. But if you get sick of it, you can stop reading. Life is short!

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