It’s a list of kings of England but just pretend it’s a to do list.

In recent years, I’ve learned about the term “productive procrastination.” Or maybe I came up with it at the same time that others did. In any case, I’ve found it to be a really useful tool.

Of course, you shouldn’t just do productive procrastination and never get to the task you’re procrastinating about. But if you can work on other things that you need to do or should do while you’re mustering up the energy or resolve to do something you’ve been putting off, you’ll have fewer other things to do later.

Not up for making that phone call? Do a load of laundry.

Not up for writing that email? Pay some bills.

Not up for unpacking another box? Go do some exercise.

I use this strategy on a regular basis, and it helps me a lot. I encourage those around me to make use of it, too. There’s no point in having one task be the roadblock to doing anything. You can do all kinds of other things that are less arduous, less nerve-racking, or with less at stake.

If you have the time and energy to do something, do something. Even if it isn’t your highest priority item. Then maybe the productivity momentum will carry you through to the thing you’ve been putting off.

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