An old coffee or spice grinder.

I have an interesting history with coffee.

Other than some sweet, creamy candies my mom brought back from her visit to Colombia when I was a kid (my aunt/uncle/cousins lived down there), which I was really the only one who liked, I’d been a non-coffee person for most of my life. Really, birth through about age 45, I hated coffee. I tried to drink it once and hated it (though I think it was black coffee). My aunt made me cafe con leche once (like half milk, half coffee), and it was drinkable, but I didn’t have the taste for it.

Then, like five years ago, Rory’s then-doctor suggested he start drinking coffee for reasons. Those reasons applied to me as well, so we got some store brand ground coffee, a cheap coffee maker, and dug in. Rory hasn’t really taken to it as a part of his daily routine, but, boy, have I. Milk and sugar made the coffee drinkable, but, really, flavored creamers have made it enjoyable. Now I look forward to my coffee every day. (Peppermint Mocha is a favorite. Same with the new-ish Kahlua one.)

Younger me would be very surprised. Even not-that-much-younger me would be. But, start coffee for the health benefit, stay for the flavor and the ritual…

When you find something new to brighten your day, every day, there’s no reason to not stick with it. Especially when it has a health benefit attached.

(We’ve since graduated to higher quality coffee and a better brewing system, but the daily cost is still pretty darned low.)

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