I mean, don’t get me wrong. It is beautiful here. At least, in the forest and mountains surrounding the town. But there isn’t much variation in what to see and do. And I’m so prone to sunburn that it keeps me indoors, even when I really want to be out of doors.

For over 20 years, I’ve mostly enjoyed living here in Prescott, Arizona. The weather is really gorgeous for about eight months of the year, and the small size of the town makes it a manageable place to get to know. We rarely have to deal with traffic, and we have a Costco and a hospital. And so much natural beauty around us.


If you want to see anything interesting outside the town or the few nearby towns, you have to drive a ways. At least a couple of hours, really.

One nice thing is that you can drive north if you want it to be cooler (hello, Flagstaff!), or you can drive south if you want it to be warmer (hello, Sonoran Desert!). And they are significantly cooler and warmer, respectively (5-10 degrees cooler, and 15-20 degrees warmer).

But that’s about it. There are other parts of the state that I admit I have yet to explore, but because we have a real lack of water in this state, there aren’t towns every five miles like back east. So you can’t just pop on over to a town a dozen or two miles away and explore. There just isn’t that much to see.

Or maybe it’s me. Maybe the things that are available to see aren’t what I want to see.

Just sort of thinking out loud here.

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