My grandma and three of her siblings. My guess is 1922 or 1923. Guess which one she is? (If you know me, it’ll be obvious.)

I’ve always been grateful to have a good family. (My clueless and, frankly, abusive father notwithstanding. He was an anomaly.)

Whenever we’d get together for family gatherings, whether it were for Thanksgiving, Christmas, random reunions, or other excuses, I enjoyed myself, and felt connected to everyone. My mom’s family, especially, including my great aunts and uncles, saw each other on a fairly regular basis and made it a priority to keep in contact.

Now that everyone’s older and my whole grandparents’ generation is gone, and my parents’ generation is aging (or dead, in my dad’s case), we see each other less often. But it’s still just as special when we do.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I miss my family.

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