When I looked on one of my public domain image sites for “exercise”, this image came up, apparently entitled “Exercises (Reducing Exercises)”. Thanks, Smithsonian, for the assist.

I feel like everyone, from like age 18 and up, should get an automatic round of physical therapy every 2-5 years. Just to address whatever physical concerns you have, remind you how to use your body (and how not to use your body), and keep you strong, flexible, and stable.

Every time I’ve gone to physical therapy through our hospital (three times now), I’ve learned new things about how the body works and what my body’s needs are in particular. I’ve got so many exercises cued up now that if I did them all in one day, they’d take about an hour. I’ve addressed my neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, knees, and hips. And when I went in for one thing, I’d learn tons about other things because so many areas of your body work with or against each other, causing you to need to address areas you never imagined (unless you took Anatomy and Physiology… I just took high school Biology).

The very first time I went to physical therapy, I went to a different place that I think focused more on sports medicine, and they were not at all helpful. Not only did they not help my issue, I didn’t come away with any new understanding about my body. After that, I switched to going to the lovely physical rehab place at the hospital and had great luck with everyone there.

I encourage you all to see about physical therapy if you have any recurring physical issues at all that could be helped by them.

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