One of my intentions for my Year of Being 50 is to create more, do more crafts, sew, write, etc. I’ve failed pretty miserably for most of the year so far, so it’s time to double my efforts.

Kid #1 recently wanted to go to Joann Fabrics for some project items, so Rory and I tagged along and got a few things. They were having a massive Labor Day sale, so we got what we needed for very little.

I now have a pattern ($1.99) for some knit winter PJs and the fabric (60% off) to make them. I’ll be able to make PJs for cheaper than it would have been to buy them, which is unusual. If I love the way they turn out, I can make myself a bunch more! And, since I can choose the fabric, I can make thick ones, thin ones, etc. I could even make summer PJs by just making the legs and sleeves shorter.

The only real challenge is sewing knit fabric, which requires either a special stitch or to pull the fabric as you sew. I usually go the special stitch route.

Yay, sewing project!

(Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the cozy for my water bottle. While I have the sewing machine out, maybe I’ll make that too. I’m sure I already have appropriate fabric for it.)

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