I know this is knitting, but there aren’t a lot of water bottle cozy photos out there that are free for reuse. But you get the idea. https://www.flickr.com/photos/91062547@N00/194674593 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

So, while we were at IKEA last week (one of my favorite places in the world), I got myself a glass water bottle. It’s meant to be carried around, like a Nalgene or a Kleen Kanteen or a Yeti or even just a regular plastic bicycle water bottle. But, because it’s glass (borosilicate, but still), it’s fragile.

IKEA sold a couple of protective sleeves for water bottles, but, inexplicably, neither of them fit the bottle I chose. I’m not sure what they were supposed to be used for (the website shows them on the plastic version of the bottle which I thought was the same size), if not this very narrow glass water bottle, but that’s another matter. I’m just glad I tried them out in-store rather than buying one and not being able to use it.

So, I’m left with an unprotected glass water bottle that I intend to take places with me.

Some people might think, oh, geez, what am I going to do now? I have to come up with a solution.

But anyone who is crafty and sews knows that this is an opportunity. I get to come up with a solution. I get to figure out what I want. I get to design it. I get to make it. And I will end up with something probably more useful and customized to my needs than anything I could have gotten at IKEA. And I can make it as cushioned as I need it to be for insulation and protection.

Sure, it doesn’t have cute dala horses on it, but I do still have a ton of other cute fabrics (many gotten at IKEA when they still sold fabric!) that I can use.

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