When met with a big challenge, or something unexpected, how will you act? What will you do?

I’m kind of running out of ideas of things to write that don’t require a lot of work or research or photo taking. And I can’t justify spending a ton of time, since my other life tasks are calling and I’m not famous enough for these efforts to really gain me any financial help.

So I’m going to spend the next however many days sharing content from my Day One journal entries where I’ll be looking for inspiration. Thus, the title of today’s blog entry has a double meaning. See below.

One, what comes next for my Year of Being 50 blog entries? A whole lot of references to my Day One entries.

Two, today’s actual content.

One of my tags in Day One is “Inspiration”—things that when I read them, they inspire me—so I’ll be sharing some of those entries with you. Possibly some of the other tags too. But here’s a short-but-sweet one:

“Greatness is about what you do next,” which is a paraphrased quote from a Gatorade commercial. I was surprised that a Gatorade commercial could speak to me, but it probably meant something different to me than it does to the intended “I do sports! I get sweaty on a regular basis!” audience.

You can’t always control what happens in your life or what happens to you, but what you’re made of will dictate that choices you make and action you take next.

And “greatness” doesn’t have to mean being the best in anything. It doesn’t have to mean accolades. It doesn’t even have to mean being known or having your actions known. It just means, to me, that, when presented with something, what you do in response to it says a lot about you. Are you going to make a good choice? Are you going to meet the challenge head on?

What does greatness look like to you? Give it some thought.

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