Travel has always been a passion of mine. But it’s mostly been a source of stress in recent years.

I love to travel. I really do. I love my life to be a mix of routine and quiet home life on the one hand and mild adventure with new sights and experiences on the other.

But I don’t seem to get as jazzed about travel and planning travel as I used to. I think part of it is because I used to seek travel as an escape from various aspects of my life, including my former relationship, and certainly former jobs I’ve had. But by being in a very healthy relationship, and having my home life good, working at home, I seem to gain less benefit from travel.

Or maybe it’s that it’s harder for me to travel (especially by car) as I get older, and I have less patience for hassle.

Or maybe it’s that we took two very stressful trips this summer and I haven’t yet recovered mentally? Time will tell.

I still have goals of places to go, like so many European countries, a lot more Canadian locations, and extensive domestic exploration. But I hope I can experience most of that at a more relaxed and leisurely pace, when we’re not worried about our pets at home or whether our kids are doing okay. And maybe when people stop getting COVID.

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