This one is from Wikipedia and is labeled Public Domain.

Regular Sudoku bores me. I don’t find it interesting, and it’s generally the same puzzle each time, really. Or it feels that way.

But I discovered Killer Sudoku through one of my logic puzzle apps, Puzzle Page. Some types of puzzles show up every day, but the Killer Sudoku ones are just twice a week. They are similar to regular Sudoku, but they start with no numbers filled in, and different areas are enclosed with their total number marked (for adding up the numbers in that area).

They’re a much bigger challenge, and I really love the 9×9 ones. I’ve run out of the free 9×9 ones, though, and haven’t found an app with as good an interface as the Puzzle Page Killer Sudoku Puzzles, so I just crank along on the 9×6 ones.

If you like logic puzzles, give them a try. I’ll keep on the lookout for free 9×9 apps. (They do have books, but I prefer doing them digitally.)

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