I mean, I couldn’t get away with not mentioning my body falling apart, right? I’m 50. Isn’t it written in the “Now You’re 50” handbook?

As an adult, apparently, I routinely forget how to use my body or how it works. So I’ve had a few series of physical therapy sessions over the past 5+ years, and I’m currently in the middle of another one.

There’s nothing quite like a physical therapist who knows what they are doing. This is the first time I’ve had a woman, and I like her a lot. Though I went in for one complaint, we’re addressing a wider range of body areas because it’s all related and connected.

She gave me a good upper back stretch to do that’s already making me feel more flexible again. She’s taking me seriously, and trying to help me feel better all over.

I really feel like once you hit about 45, at least a dozen physical therapy sessions per year should come standard with your health coverage (which should also come standard, a universal benefit to everyone, but that’s another soapbox for another day), to use at your leisure, to help you address any mechanical body complaints. I think we’d all stay stronger and more flexible longer, which improves our health in general.

Excuse me while I address my muscle spasms which are screaming out, “Oh, now you want to use me? Where were you before?”

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