I may hate summer, but here’s a pretty image apparently entitled “Summer.”

Rant, rave, complain. It’s hot. I’m sweaty. Yes, we have A/C, but I can’t afford to make it cold enough for my comfort, and my hot flashes make it a moving target anyway.

We were away for four weeks this summer to mostly cooler parts of the country, which helped make the northern Arizona hot summer go faster, but we could only avoid driving into the southern part of Arizona for so long. We’re heading to Tucson soon to move Kid #2 into college, and I think I’ll just melt.

We have had some rain, which has indeed cooled it off temporarily (like, mid-80s “cool”), but now it’s just “normal” hot and also humid. Is that better? Not sure. It’ll heat back up this week anyway.

September and October can’t come soon enough.

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