I’m a person who makes lists. (“You? No. Never!” ha ha)

Because of this, I go through a lot of scratch paper. But I literally never need to buy it. There are always random sheets of paper sitting around where one side has been used for something but the other side is blank (old homeschool printouts, privacy policies from doctors’ offices, etc.).

Simply cut them in fourths, first in half one way, then in half the other, and you literally have four times as many sheets as before, all in a better size for most list-making tasks.

I do keep a paper family calendar and a paper calendar that’s aimed at just me, but sometimes I’m overly ambitious and put too much on my own calendar (especially because it’s also where I write things down that I need to remember or even consider for that week), so I regularly need to make separate to-do lists of just my highest priority items.

I grew up using quarter-sheet paper as scratch paper, but I honestly have no idea how universal it is. I also have plenty of pads of paper and notebooks in my desk drawer, but I rarely seem to get to them because of my ever-replenishing stack of free scratch paper.

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