This day we went into Seattle proper. I wanted to show everyone Pike Place Market, and check out the waterfront area. I’d been down there about 10 years ago and remembered that it was pretty. Well, they were doing some weird construction and I couldn’t find the pretty places. But we did go to the market. And then (stupidly, my bad) walked to the library as Kid #2 wanted to see it. “It’s only half a mile!” Uphill. Like, steep.

Kid #2 also wanted to see the Space Needle (like, literally see it, not go up in it… too expensive), so Rory found a great vantage point. The park he found required driving up up up uphill through gorgeous neighborhoods with such beautiful architecture (the houses were multi-million dollar houses, Zillow tells me), but we got a great vantage point. An old point-and-shoot I have (hand-me-down) zoomed in so far that I could see people in the Space Needle.

Even more hilly walking this day, and afterward we all felt like we’d been hit by a truck. And it rained much of the day. I was reminded, yet again, how much I hate cities. I think I’d be happy to never set foot in one again.

Here are some photos.

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