This day was set aside as “nature day” for taking in the nature around Seattle and around our host’s neighborhood. Our host had the day off of work, fortunately, and was able to join us and show us around. We hiked up and down very steep hills (my Health app says I climbed 21 flights that day), but saw some gorgeous nature.

We also saw a really cool lighthouse with an interesting history, Browns Point Lighthouse. I recommend it, if you have even a half hour to spare in the area. There are multiple buildings to the lighthouse complex, each with an important role. If you go, it seems to be kind of not-spectacular at first glance, but read the placards—they unfold the story for you. You can also stay in the lighthouse cottage. But be prepared for a few duties!

To cap off the day, our host took us to a surprise: the Pacific Bonsai Museum! He had no idea that bonsai are one of Rory’s absolute favorite things. The rest of us enjoyed it too.

Here are some photos.

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