So, this past week, they “repaved” our road. I’m not sure what they call it (chip seal?), but they used blowers to clean leaves and dust off the road, filled in the cracks with goo, and then swept what looked like a thinner tar across the whole surface.

Because of this, we had to clear our cars that were parked on the street or that we would need to drive out of the neighborhood off the street and keep them gone for a few days. So we’ve had to walk along the gutter and hike up a hill to where our cars are parked whenever we needed to go somewhere. And of course I needed to go to more places than usual during this window of time.

In the 95+ degree heat, this got old really quickly. Especially when one is used to parking in an attached garage.

I’m glad it’s over. The road is done, and it’s a lot smoother.

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