Note: This is a PR image, not my actual workspace.

So, over the past week or so, I’ve been rearranging my work space, to the end that I wanted to start using my standing desk as my main desk, to allow for work done while standing or sitting.

My hip flexors are a bit short, thanks to decades of mostly sitting throughout the day. And my back… well, everyone my age seems to have back issues. (But my physical therapist is working with me on that one.)

I don’t love working standing up, but I’m excited to use my body in more ways for which it was intended, and fewer for which it wasn’t really.

I finally got the standing desk in place now, after moving around all the other pieces (I think I previously mentioned my amazing but very heavy steel mid-century office desk). So I’ll go forward with hopefully longer hip flexors and better posture.

And then I can sit when I need a break.

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