The appeal of a spare room. (As in, not much in it.)

I accumulate too many things, for a variety of reasons which I won’t list here. But it means things pile up faster than I can (or do) deal with them.

Rory and I recently decided that we needed to rearrange our desk areas, and, let me tell you, it’s been an ordeal.

I mean, I do have a three-piece detached mid-century steel desk that’s difficult to move, but I also have too many things floating around. Along with the “too many things” on the other pieces of furniture we’ve had to move to make the rearranging work.

So, as we’ve gone through everything, we’ve gone through many dust cloths and fortunately managed to fill a few boxes with donations.

Though I don’t know if I’ll make this happen, I’d like it if, after the next time we move, we pretend that we’re moving every couple of years, going through all of our things and paring down.

I suppose it will depend on how large our future house will be, but if our bank account is any indication, it won’t be a large one. So we’ll need to stay on top of both avoiding too many new things entering the house, and helping some old things make their way somewhere else.

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