I've Got Moxie

I don’t make the things you use. I make the things you use better.

If you failed that age test, no worries. This may help.


I find holes in logic.

BASF Tape by Flickr user stuart.childs (CC BY 2.0)

BASF Tape by Flickr user stuart.childs (CC BY 2.0)

I can see why things work, even if I can’t come up with the thing in the first place. I can also tell you why your plan won’t work. I will tear it apart. I will give you reason after reason why something won’t work. Then I will tell you ways to make it better, just like BASF. If you don’t stick around for that second part, that’s on you. But when I know a lot about an idea or a system, I can usually make very good suggestions of what and how to improve it.

My brain works in such a way as to find patterns, commonalities, and trends among what I take in. It’s one of those things where my brain works faster than I can explain my thought process. So I’ll learn a lot about something, taking in all the input, and spit out an assessment at the end.

Just one thing I’ve learned about myself. I consider it to be a bit of a superpower.

I am BASF.