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Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of our favorite things.

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What is a Bristol Box?

These days, subscription box services are quite the rage, but they are all very focused on one interest, such as food or superheroes, and require a costly subscription, often with an obligation for a certain number of months. You’re also stuck with whatever comes in the box, regardless of quality, your taste, or whether it fits into your life.

Bristol Box is different. Bristol Boxes are virtual boxes or gift baskets, or the un-subscription box, if you will. Every week, we suggest to you a themed “box” full of a variety of related things which are likely to appeal to someone specific, ranging from babies to kids to adults, all-around geeks to literary folks to science nerds. They are one-off groupings of items that can be purchased online, usually from Amazon. They will vary in price, but most will be under $50.

Who are Bristol Boxes for?

They are for you, dear reader! Or perhaps they are for your child, your parent, your friend, your loved one. Maybe your kid got invited to a birthday party and you don’t know anything about the birthday child except that they enjoy painting. Match up the interest with the Bristol Box and go.

While we put together complete gift experiences for each box, our Bristol Box arrangements are merely suggestions. Each Box is meant to be customizeable. Order everything in our recommended box, or add or subtract items as desired. Combine items from two or more of our Bristol Boxes. There are no subscriptions, no commitments, and it’s entirely flexible. We just aim to make it easy for you to find gifts for yourself or other recipients. Our Bristol Boxes won’t specify gender, because we believe that products are for whoever is interested.

In terms of categories, we hope to cover a wide spectrum of themes and products. From nerdery to literature, from toys to food, from baby products to armchair travel, our boxes will be themed with everything we can think of. Throughout, we will only choose products with excellent reviews or those with which we have had good personal experiences.

If you have a suggestion or requests for a future Bristol Box, drop me a line at and I’ll see what I can do.