I letterpress printed this just before the pandemic started, and it hangs on our wall. Photo: Jenny Bristol

So, we’re moving this summer (somewhere local, but no idea where yet), and then we’re likely to move again the summer after that, or soon thereafter. So, our packing strategy is to pack things we won’t need to get to (or can do without) for a year or so all together in boxes with a certain marking, so we know we can avoid unpacking them at the next place. That way the following time that we pack and move, it’ll be a much easier job.

As I’m thinking about the stuff in our house, it’s amazing how much one can do without for a year if one needs to. Probably half of our stuff we’ll be able to label in such a way.

Some of you may say, “Well, then, you really don’t need that stuff.” Sure, we don’t “need” it, no. But these are the things that bring our life interest and color, such as wall hangings, a lot of our books, some of our kitchenware, LEGO sets, that kind of thing. So I think we’ll keep them, thankyouverymuch.

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