I figured something out about myself recently. As someone who does a lot of writing of various forms, I don’t pour my heart out on the page while I’m journaling. The journaling I do is more about recollections of the past and what’s going on now. But I rarely try to work out my feelings through the written word. Why?

I think I figured it out.

Only in recent years have I been able to put to words that I process things verbally. Talking them out. Whether it’s my own feelings about something, or trying to figure out the best next course of action, or whatever. I talk it out with whoever my person is at the moment. When I was a kid, it was my mom. Now, it’s Rory. If I didn’t have Rory, it’s possible that I might turn to the written word. But, I guess a lot of what I have to say will just get lost because I’m not typing up all of my conversations. (I’d get a lot of the details wrong anyway, because once I have a great thought, I have a hard time recreating it later.)

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