Thanks, fam.

Once again I am incredibly grateful for various kinds of family that I have. Most of the family I was born into, the family I created myself, and the family that I have chosen to be inside my “chosen family” circle are all just the most stellar people.

I treasure my ability to connect with others, to participate in social networks, and to be a version of myself online that is pretty close to my unmasked self. I credit Teenage Jenny for spending so much time on BBSes, cultivating that skill from an early age. (And thanks to a certain high school friend who got me into BBSing in the first place. This friend lives a pretty private life now, I believe, so I won’t name names.)

I treasure people the most who are honest with themselves. Some people had to go on their own journey to be able to do that, and I always respect that. Overcoming generational trauma is very challenging, and most can only do it partway in their own generation.

Some people were just born being honest with themselves, or were nurtured to be that way. I love being around people like that.

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