Moving and paying bills have been a higher priority than a personal project that I feel needs to be out there in the world.

Yeah, I made really good progress on my book in November. I had hoped to make the rest of the progress in December, or, at worst, January. Buuuuuut, that’s not happening. And because we definitely have to move this summer, and packing is so time consuming and exhausting, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to put my book on hold until after our move.


Possibly in late summer I’ll be able to dive in again, if I’m lucky. Our new place, though, no matter what it looks like, will cost a lot more than our current place, so I may end up having to work all of my waking hours to pay for it.


I will eventually get this book done. I will.

(If I knew that the book would sell really well, I could justify prioritizing it, but I have no idea if it will.)

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