Sense of Sound, plate from Quinque sensum typi in usum aurifabroru exarati (Images of the Five Senses Engraved for the Benefit of the Goldsmith)

So, I can tell I’m overwhelmed these days, overstimulated, and probably burned out. Because I’m having a really, really hard tuning out sounds. Whether it is someone eating nearby (making loud eating noises) or playing sound through their phone or talking anywhere near me. It’s just too much and it’s causing me to struggle with my tasks even more.

My one day recently when I was home alone for a few hours, it was bliss. But that’s rare, and I can’t even semi-recreate it—there is no single room in the house that’s only mine where I can go and close the door. I think of A Room of One’s Own so hard. It’s possible I’ll end up with a space in a future home that I can call my own and close the door when I want to, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever have enough money to just not work, until/unless Social Security ends up being enough, and even then that’s at least a decade and a half away.

Just… everything is driving me up the wall with all the sounds right now.

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