Lena Horne’s shoehorn.

When I was a kid, shoehorns were kind of everywhere. Usually made of plastic, you saw them at shoe stores where they even gave them away, and you saw them in plenty of homes. Fancy shoes were stiffer back then, and more people wore them.

These days, you don’t have to break your shoes in as much as you used to have to, because they’re more flexible and supple, and more people wear casual shoes in more situations anyway. So, shoehorns have more or less disappeared.

Recently, I got a pair of slip-on sneakers made by Skecher. They’re like walking on clouds. My feet don’t hurt. I love them so much that I regret I didn’t buy a second pair.

But it hurt my fingers, quite a lot, when I put them on. Because my fingers were basically acting like shoehorns.

Enter IKEA, offering an attractive (and metal!) shoehorn for 99¢.

I should have bought a few, but I did just buy one. But it works like a charm, helping me into my pillow shoes without hurting my fingers one bit.

Can recommend. 5/5.

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