So, I put my book down early this year because my dad died and then our life was one busy thing after another. But I’m determined to finish this thing. So I’m taking advantage of NaNoWriMo energy and pushing forward.

I’ve broken down what I have left to finish into steps, and then those steps have been assigned to days in November (with some major formatting and design tasks spilling over into December). I tried to estimate how long things would take me, and I worked a few days’ buffer in at the end of November in case some things take longer than I think.

I’m so ready to have this project off my plate. Even though working on the book hasn’t taken up much of my work time in 2023, it’s taken up a lot of my mental energy (it takes a lot of energy for things to be hanging over me), which means I haven’t had that mental energy for other endeavors.

I’ll talk tons about the book once I get it out there in the world, but for now, I’m still being vague.

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