We used to check out physical books from the library regularly, often having to read books quickly so we could return them within the three week checkout period before someone else’s hold came due. We don’t live super close to the library anymore, so stopping there is often out of our way.

We do still occasionally check out physical books when that’s the only type available, but more often now we get books from the library through Libby, either audiobooks or ebooks. If we have to return them before we are done because someone else has a hold on them, or even if we are done with them, it no longer necessitates a five-mile drive to the library. So that’s nice.

I still prefer physical books most of the time, but have, begrudgingly, given credit to ebooks for allowing me to read while I eat (no worry about spilling or splashing on a paper book), being able to have larger type (I’m not getting any younger), and for reading in public with no one else noticing what book I’m reading. Handy for my guilty pleasure of cheesy modern romance.

And audiobooks are great for reading while exercising, crafting, or even just getting ready for bed.

We’ve gone mostly digital for so long that now it feels weird to get physical books from the library. It also feels weird to go to the library itself, which we do so rarely now that my kids aren’t involved with any social or kid activities there. The Prescott Public Library has been such an important part of our lives over the past twenty-one years.

Libraries are the absolute best.

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