A common arrangement of the three cats and my legs.

Anyone with cats will be able to relate to this post.

We have three cats. They are everpresent and communal animals. I love them dearly and am glad they are in our family. But…

I sit at my desk and work. I often either have a cat behind me on the chair (Lavinius) or a cat on my lap. If it’s one cat on my lap (Agnes), she will mostly just sit up and get dandruff all over me. If it’s a different cat (Ezra), he requires my left arm and renders me one-handed, making a lot of stuff I do challenging. And that’s just at my desk.

In bed, I’m often sandwiched between two cats, or stuck in place with one on my lap (if sitting up). If we’re lying down, one often pins Rory by sleeping on his legs. Sometimes one sleeps on my pillow/face.

On the couch, there is usually one cat on the back of the couch and one next to me.

At the table, there’s sometimes a cat on the table, but very often a cat on one of the chairs.

I love these cats so much. But they provide about half of what I vacuum up each time I vacuum, and probably about half of my allergies (especially the one with dandruff).

There are pros and cons to having pets, folks.

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