I thought these were beautiful. They’re by Leon Dabo.

Because the way the days have been parceled out in the months of our modern calendar, even though yesterday was the six-month mark of this blog post series, today is my half-birthday.

I’ve celebrated this day since I was a kid, since my sister’s birthday and mine are really close to being six months apart, so we always celebrated half birthdays as smaller acknowledgments and celebrations of us. I always loved the tradition, so I’ve done it with my own kids too. We usually get to pick a nice meal and maybe a family activity to do together. But otherwise it’s a normal day. (Unlike birthdays, where we get to schedule the whole day, work-permitting.)

I’ve done a lot of interesting things for the first half of my Year of Being 50. Several trips, some major life milestones (for the family, if not for me specifically), etc. I’ve spent more time doing activities that bring me joy, like family history research and organization, and some sewing. But I’ve dropped the ball on certain personal achievements, like getting my book finished (so far). I’m still determined to get it done by the end of the year, and I think I’ll be able to. I just have to get started. Which is a lot to put in my head at once because it’s been about eight months since I’ve really worked on it.

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