A waning summer.

Today is the official last day of summer. The autumnal equinox is apparently at 2:50am Eastern Time, tomorrow (which technically makes it today here where I live in Arizona, since we don’t do Daylight Saving Time).

As always, here in this hot state, I’m grateful that the season is over. We’ve been having some cool nights recently, where we’re able to open up when the sun is about to go down and sleep with the windows open all night. That’s been really nice. But it’s still been too hot during most days to avoid the A/C. That’s okay. It’s almost over. And we won’t have to deal with it again until probably June, possibly May.

I wish the weather here were about 5-10 degrees cooler year ’round. It’s definitely hotter than I’d like in the summer, and it’s not quite cold enough for me in the winter. I like to be able to wear sweaters and hats and scarves sometimes. Here they are rarely necessary. Just a light hoodie will get you through most of the year. Though I suppose it depends on how much you go outside in the dark.

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