Lately, for some reason, I’ve especially missed (aspects of) the time when my kids were little, when we’d play with toys and watch kids’ shows and do activities at the library. I’d pull them in the wagon around the block so I could go on walks. I could carry them and easily cuddle them and I was free for them to be my focus. I even miss homeschooling them quite a lot. Like, a lot.

We are all still that precious to each other, but now I have to work and they’re more self-sufficient and we don’t sing Dora’s Pirate Adventure songs on a regular basis anymore.

I suppose this happens to people sometimes, and part of why they long for grandbabies. It’s up to my kids, not me, about whether I get any grandbabies, but if I do end up with any, I’m going to cherish that time too. And, this time, Rory will be around to tap in when I get tired.

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