So, I’m not even halfway through the year and this daily blog post thing is becoming a chore. Yet one more thing I have to do in the day. Which is usually what happens when I set myself certain kinds of goals. Like 30-day drawing challenges, or Duolingo which doesn’t teach the way I need them to teach, or the like. I get sick of them long before they’re over, and then they’re just a drag the rest of the time.

Some of those efforts are worth it, if I find I enjoy it, or if I get something out of it that furthers me toward one of my big life goals. Like daily exercise, stopping eating at a certain time of day, or having a daily check-in with my kid who is at college.

But I’m not sure what this daily blog post thing is getting me. A few of my friends/family are reading it sometimes (waves to Regan and Erin and Julia), but I’m not sure who else. I’m doing this for myself, and I am stubborn enough to see it through (hello, 1000-day streak on Duolingo, then I quit the next day), but what I’m getting out of it is diminishing returns.

I do have a daily private journal that I keep (two, really, if you also include my Line a Day 5-year calendar), but this one is for public consumption, so I can’t be as honest or as boring as I can in the other journals.

So, you just get a bit of a stream-of-consciousness through my fingers today. Enjoy.

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