Ezra, our only cat (out of three) who really plays with toys at all.

Unlike dogs, cats tend to ignore most cat toys you buy and instead play with empty boxes, twist ties, plastic bags, and whatever they can sink their teeth or claws into. Ours usually also ignore things like scratching posts and cat towers (they did like them when they were younger, but now they can’t seem to be bothered).

One of our cats does like these crinkly toys we have that make noise when they get bitten or moved around or anything. But, past that, they’ve ignored everything else other than catnip-based toys.

So, like most cat owners, we have a variety of empty boxes and other random things sitting around for our cats’ benefits.

We also have a couple of cat beds that also go unused most of the time, unless they are placed precariously in inconvenient locations, and then somehow they are interesting.

Just when you think you can predict what your cat will like, they’ll be like, “Nope! Talk to the paw.”

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