The Sounds of Earth

Lots of people I know walk around with earbuds in. Or just one. Or they wear headphones.

It’s so they can control the sound that goes in their ears. I totally get it.

I, too, would prefer to be able to control the sound that goes in my ears. I’d like there to be no sounds, if I’m working.

I generally need it to be quiet for me to concentrate. If there must be, there can be sounds, but the sounds can’t include identifiable words (so, no talking, no music with lyrics), but even non-word sounds are hard to filter out so that I can concentrate.

I’ve always been this way, needing quiet to do my homework when I was in school. And now I work at home in the middle of the living room because we don’t have a big enough house for me to have an office.

“Just put on headphones,” you might say. “Just put on music without lyrics.”

But I find headphones uncomfortable after about 20 minutes (just regular uncomfortable), and earbuds uncomfortable after about 1 (painful uncomfortable).

I’ve had to learn to filter out sound so that I can get anything done, but doing that takes up about half of my energy. I simultaneously try to ignore what’s going on around me, and am hypervigilant because I haven’t yet been able to turn off my mom radar.

So I’m less productive, and exhausted afterward.

What’s a gal to do?

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